Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gingerbread Crumb Bar

Another review of one of my "old standards" comin' at ya! I started making my own gingerbread back in 2005 for the purpose of using it in my seasonal Gingerbread Spice Bark. The original bark went over so well, that it's no longer seasonal. Furthermore, in early 2007 I decided to take a similar flavor profile and toss it into a chocolate bar as well. Can't fix what's not broken, right?

My Gingerbread Crumb bar starts with, what else?, my house-made gingerbread. It's heavily spiced with a cacophony of flavors including ground ginger, Vietnamese cinnamon, African grains of paradise, cardamom, white peppercorn, and clove (all organic!). I also use dark muscavado sugar instead of the brown sugar (how passe!) for a fuller dark molasses flavor. After baking as a giant slab, the gingerbread is broken into small pieces and, along with more muscavado, is married with 55% dark chocolate. Mold, wrap, label, and we're done. BTW, did you know that all of our bars are hand-molded and hand-wrapped? Next time you're in, ask one of my baristas what they find themselves doing during our down time. There's never a dull moment around here!

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