Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Exotic Dessert Sauces and Spreads

Many of you raved over our house-made Cocoa-nib Infused Butter served with buttermilk biscuits. In fact, I was really surprised to hear that some even considered it the best of the five course dinner. We will be serving it again for the next dinner, but what about those of you not planning on attending?

Well fret no more! Our Cocoa-nib Butter and four other temptations are now available in convienent bottle form! Sold fresh, these babies should be stored chilled and enjoyed within 30 days. I've already got the butter and Chile-Burnt Caramel (from our cheese platter) ready to go, and hope to have the other three by the end of the week. Chocolate and caramel sauces are $10 each, or two for $16, and the butter is $15. Here's the lot:

Cocoa-nib Butter- Hand-made butter infused with cocoa nibs and a touch of sea-salt.

Chile-Burnt Caramel- Smoky burnt-caramel sauce infused with dried chiles, vanilla bean, and a touch of cayenne.

Kentucky Bourbon Caramel- Rich caramel sauce in 36% milk chocolate infused with vanilla bean and Kentucky Bourbon.

Lavender Vanilla-bean Chocolate Sauce- 55% dark chocolate sauce infused with vanilla bean, organix lavender blossoms, and honey.

Mixed Berry Merlot Chocolate Sauce- 61% dark chocolate sauce with mixed berries and fruity Merlot.

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