Monday, March 3, 2008

Dark Chocolate Butter Croissant

Now that we're out of the winter holidays, I can concentrate on bring forth better and more regular pastries. As the cafe becomes busier in the next few months we will be able to support more types of fresh pastries, but as they are all baked in house, I can only offer a few types each day. Typically, we've had our exotic brownie collection each day and another specialty pastry that rotates between a few fun things I'm whipping up,

A new one you will see here from time to time is the Dark Chocolate Butter Croissant. Baked fresh, these beauties are made from an all-butter laminated dough and stuffed with 55% dark chocolate. Personally, I feel that the typical American croissant is too blond and pale to really have a proper texture, so I bake ours to a deep tawny color.

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