Thursday, March 20, 2008

Easter Baskets

Easter really crept up on me this year! As a chocolatier, you'd think I'd know better, but I don't exactly make decorative bunnies, either. Still, I just finished some very cute Easter Baskets. The large basket is $75 and includes:

Box of Eight Truffles (with Spring-time Seasonal infusions)
Triple Chocolate Toffee
Marshmallow Almond Rococo
Tarragon Candied Grapefruit
Salty-Sweet Walnuts
Set of Four Chocolate Bars

Small baskets for $25 also available!


Jennywenny said...

oooh, very tempting! Just wondered, do you ever open on a Sunday? It seems to be the only day I have time to try and come over and I notice you're usually closed. :(

Owner, Eclipse Chocolat said...

YES YES YES! We are now open Sundays from 10-6!