Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mom's Day Pics

Still catching up on blog posts from Mom's Day! My chocolate-dipped job is never done. With the next dinner coming up in a few weeks, it's about time to tempt you all with pics from our last special event.  Take a look at the cocoa-crazy vittles we all enjoyed:

Starter: Farmhouse Meats Platter- Cocoa-glazed Duroc Bacon, Chile-Maple Sausage, and Cocoa Nib-Sage Sausage

First Course: Buttermilk & Chive Biscuit with Cocoa Nib-Infused Butter

Second Course: Grilled Pineapple and Tropical Fruit Salad with Milk Chocolate-Curry Glaze

Entree: Quail Eggs in a Basket with Chile-Burnt Caramel Hollandaise and Vanilla-dressed Frisee

Dessert: Azteca Cinnamon Rolls with Burnt Caramel White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Chocolate-Caramel Cheeseburger

I enjoy being a chocolatier. It's fun, sexy, and although I take a shower first thing when I get home to wash the aroma of chocolate from my body, I've yet to tire of making chocolate. I have to say though... the oddest thing of this profession is the regular attitude that I don't live the type of life that a normal person does. I still wake up each morning to distastefully hit the snooze button before pulling myself out of bed and into work. Same as you, no? But somehow a lot of people associate this "glamorous" career more closely to celebrity than not. I assure you that my life is pretty normal.

Then again... maybe not. When Ray goes into work carrying his little Gladware container filled with a dinner that he and I enjoyed the previous evening, he is inevitably swarmed by those "hens" of workplace asking in jelously facitious voices: "What did YOU eat for dinner?". So yes, if there is one way in which my life is more exciting than the average it would be in the realm of what I eat for dinner. Especially with an exotic chocolate-dinner at the cafe each month each demanding it's own , I end up eatting a lot of fantastically crazy food.

So I guess this is where all the glamour lies, no? While you are enjoying your Memorial Day bar-b-qued goodies, take a moment to sneak a peak as to what we are enjoying: The Chocolate Caramel Cheeseburger! Go on... take a look:

What's that monstrocity you ask???? Well it begins with an all beef hamburger set upon pan-toasted Squaw Bread (think whole-grain Pumpernickle), is accompanied with Tarragon Honey Mustard and fresh butter lettuce and tomato, and ends topped with our famous Chocolate-glazed Bacon and warm Gjetost cheese (a caramelized goat whey from Norway!). It's pretty much everything you want a juicy hamburger to be but have been too afraid to ask! And you can enjoy it, too. Take a look at our upcoming June dinner:

For just $25 per person, each guest can attend our Exotic Chocolate Bar-B-Que on Saturday June 20th. We have seatings at 11am, 1, 4, 6, and 8pm, but we still expect it to sell out, so call the cafe ASAP to RSVP! Here's what you will be eatting:

Chile-Roasted Corn on the Cobb with Cocoa-Nib Infused Butter

Chocolate Caramel Cheeseburger with Cocoa-glazed Bacon and Gjetost Cheese, Served with Rosemary Potato Wedges

Cherry Vanilla Bean Buckle with White Chocolate Biscuit Topping and Vanilla Gelato

For our veggie friends we are offering a Gjetost, Tomato, and Tarragon Honey Mustard Panini in lieu of the burger!

There's also an optional start of:

Tangy Buffalo Wing with Dipping Sauce Trio (Tarragon Honey Mustard, Blue Cheese Balsamic, and Chile Burnt Caramel!)

Hope to see all you gluttons there!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day with Eclipse!

It wasn't until yesterday that I actually realized that Monday is Memorial Day already. Where does the time go? I suppose those of us who don't get the holiday off didn't really have reason to mark our calendar's with a big red circle labeled "no work Monday!!!". Oh well...

But for those of you lucky enough to take a moment to celebrate our national heritage and the brave individuals who have given thier lives for the noble cause of this American Life, find a moment in your day to stop by for a tasty treat. Chocolate's pretty American, no? And cherry pie? How's that sound? Well as I don't bake cherry pies, you'll just have to settle on a Cherry-Vanilla Bean truffle.

While supplies last, take a break from the rest of your inevitable shopping errands during this upcoming holiday and visit us for a free cherry truffle. We're open just like normal, from 9am-10pm!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Truffle, Wine, and Cheese Tasting for June

Another chocolate-covered event comin' at ya for the month of June! Join me on June 3rd from 7-8pm for a chocolate, wine, and cheese spectacular and treat your taste buds to nine lovely bites. Featuring three Three-way Pairings, this event sells out at 20 people, so don't wait to place an RSVP.

"But what's a Three-way?", I hear some of you ask with embarrassed looks on your faces! It's a trio of tastes, each complete with an artisan cheese, exotic chocolate, and lovely wine, of course. Each Three-way is designed to highlight the unusual and exotic flavors found in artisan foods and typically follows a theme. Last Tasting I featured a Three-way of lavender and everyone did cartwheels over the Lavender Sea-salted Caramel, Lavender-Anise Goat Cheese, and... yes, you guessed it, a wine that featured lavender undertones.

And all of this for just $20! When has a sexy evening been so cheap??? So call the cafe and get us an RSVP and join us for our next Three-way experience! 618.578.2984

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oaxacan Dinner Pics

Mother's Day is my least favorite chocolate holiday, but as it is pretty much the last of the "Big Four", I am always happy to see it come and go. Between Xmas, Valentine's, Easter, and Mom's, my life is pretty hectic between Winter and Spring. But now that that's all behind me, I can get back to being all chatty about what's coming up around the cafe. After all, I'm pretty behind on this blog.

Speaking, six weeks ago we had a yummy-yum-yum Oaxacan-themed dinner and I haven't even showed you all the vittles yet! Take a look:

Starter: Grilled Shrimp and Corn Quesadillas with Smoked Serano Sea Salt Guacamole

First: Huevos Oaxaquenos with Smoked Tomato Bisque and White Chocolate Crema

Entree: Slow Cooked Chicken in Mole Negro with Sweet Corn Tamale

Dessert: Oaxacan Mocha Cake with Chile Burnt Caramel Sauce and Honeyed Crema

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Chocolate-glazed Duroc Bacon

Those of you that were friends of Eclipse this time last might remember a little thing we served for a specialty brunch once a upon a time: Chocolate-Glazed Duroc Bacon. Well its that time of year again, and I can already hear the sizzle in the oven.

Especially made for Eclipse by loca
l Knight Salumi, this very special bacon is heavily smoked from prime Duroc hogs, slathered in a house-made concoction featuring our extra brute cocoa power, and oven roasted until is caramelized just right. It's everything you want an extravagant food to be but are too afraid to admit to. Seriously. Don't miss it.

Oh but you will if you miss our next dinner!!! Here's the optional Starter Plate for our chocolate-themed brunch this weekend. And since we've got seatings on both Saturday AND Sunday... well lets just say that you might want to come twice just for this one. Check it:

For $12 guests can enjoy our Breakfast Meats Platter featuring:

Cocoa-glazed Duroc Bacon
Cocoa nib and Sage Sausage Patties
Chile-Maple Sausage Link

It's swine heaven. Nuf' said.

For a full menu, see here. Call the cafe direct for reservations, 619.578.2984