Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunday Brunch with Eclipse Chocolat!!!

So this weekend is our Third Year Anniversary Party and while we are all very excited to begin another year of deliciousness, there is one other tiny thing that is capitalizing on our enthusiasm. You may have heard already, but if not prepared to be excited! Starting on Sunday November 7th, we will be serving an Eclipse-style brunch complete with various options for only $12!!!

For those of you who attend our monthly dinners, you will know the extremes of the foodie-foods that we like to serve. Our brunch concept is certainly no exception, but in honor of affordability, we are toning down the service size: hence the new name for our dining concept" Small Plate". For just $12, guests can choose three small plate from a selection of over 15! Creating your own three course brunch for only $12??? What more can you ask for?

Many of you have asked for a copy of the menu, so I'm finally posting it here (if its too small to read on your screen, right click and save it as a picture and you can zoom in on it on your desktop).Commence salivation:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Autumn Harvest Dinner

Its just around the corner, folks... my favorite time of year... Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! While Tday isn't as busy as its other holiday counterparts (Xmas, Vday, and Mday), its certainly still a busy time for us. After all, what food spread would be complete without our famous Pumpkin Muscavado??? Its pure deliciousness in holiday format.

But myself and the rest of the Eclipse Chocolat Team and beginning early this year. How else can you get enough gluttony packed into the holiday season? Check what we've got goin' next:

Join us Saturday, November 13th, at 4, 6, or 8pm for four courses of holiday deliciousness... and all for just $35 a person. Guests will enjoy:

Caramelized Shallot Tartletts with Goat Cheese Brulee (optional appetiser)
Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Candied Cocoa Nib and Lavender Sea Salt
Savory Root Vegetable Bread Pudding with Cocoa-Brown Sugar Gravy
Open-faced Brioche Sandwich with Rosemary Turkey & Parmesan Mornay Sauce -OR-
Butternut, Ricotta, & Chile Burnt Caramel Hazelnut Ravioli with Brown Butter Sage Sauce
both served with Sweet Potato Souffle with Bruleed Vanilla Bean Marshmallow
White Chocolate-Cranberry Creme Brulee

Call the cafe ASAP to reserve your space: 619.5778.2984

Eclipse Third Annual Anniversary Partee

Its that time again, cocoa babies! In just one week, we will be one more year older!!! And that means one thing... lotsa chocolate-covered celebration. Strangely enough, the big date for this year happens to fall on Halloween. Even more fun for everyone!

Join us Sunday, October 31st, from 3-6pm to celebrate another year of everything chocolate. And since its a holiday already, show up in costume and we will treat you to a free small chocolate bar of your choice. We have a few more goodies in mind including:

Samples of our upcoming holiday truffles including: Goat Cheese & Fig, Pomegranate Sage, and Pumpkin Muscavado... AND samples of our upcoming Chocolate Brunch including: Grilled Fruit Skewers with Milk Chocolate Curry Sauce, and Sausage Gravy Biscuit Bites.

We're even extending our Happy Hour (enjoy a free truffle with every wine or beer purchase) in case you havent had enough yet.

ALSO... have you seen the new Salty Dulce De Leche bar? Its delicious, but only available in a small size until Xmas. But in honor of the happy occasion, we will be previewing it for sale in the large size... but only for the day, so stock up!

Looking forward to seeing you all then,
Will & the Eclipse Chocolat Team.