Friday, May 22, 2009

Truffle, Wine, and Cheese Tasting for June

Another chocolate-covered event comin' at ya for the month of June! Join me on June 3rd from 7-8pm for a chocolate, wine, and cheese spectacular and treat your taste buds to nine lovely bites. Featuring three Three-way Pairings, this event sells out at 20 people, so don't wait to place an RSVP.

"But what's a Three-way?", I hear some of you ask with embarrassed looks on your faces! It's a trio of tastes, each complete with an artisan cheese, exotic chocolate, and lovely wine, of course. Each Three-way is designed to highlight the unusual and exotic flavors found in artisan foods and typically follows a theme. Last Tasting I featured a Three-way of lavender and everyone did cartwheels over the Lavender Sea-salted Caramel, Lavender-Anise Goat Cheese, and... yes, you guessed it, a wine that featured lavender undertones.

And all of this for just $20! When has a sexy evening been so cheap??? So call the cafe and get us an RSVP and join us for our next Three-way experience! 618.578.2984

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