Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cupcakes, Dinner, Baristas, and More!

I never intended to use this blog as a message board. I'm just a simple chocolatier with simple dreams to show the e-community what chocolate can become! While this post breaks my cardinal rule of no posting without mouth-watering pictures, I wanted to share a few cafe-related things with ya'll. Next time I promise there will be something that is eye-poppingly-tasty! In the mean time, some announcements:

Five Course Prix Fixe-
The next Chocolate Tasting Dinner (our upcoming Mom's Day Brunch) is over half sold out! Seatings still available at Saturday, May 10th, at 9am and 1pm, and Sunday the 11th at 9pm. Sign up before its too late. See the menu here.

Crème Fraîche Cupcakes! Wow. These babies are getting word. I'm so thrilled that people are wandering in on personal recommendation. Lotsa lip-smackin' going on around here. I will have cupcakes each day from now on, though if you are looking for them in quantity for a party or gift, I suggest a pre-order. A box of 9 is $27.

Dessert Tasting-
Have you had our Seasonal Dessert Tasting Platter this month? The current collection will disappear soon to be replaced with our Spring Collection by the end of the month. Stop in before it's gone.

Growing Pains-
Many thanks to everyone for all the great feedback and support. My transition from a wholesale chocolatier to a retail cafe owner has been exciting and crazy! The first five months were pretty much a blur. If you're accustomed to visits during the daytime, you may have noticed that I can be a little scattered, though I hope to soon be busy enough to support a daytime barista staff during these months of the "off-season". The high-chocolate holidays are busy enough for someone to work the front counter at all times of the day, but at the moment its pretty much just me during the daytime. Thanks to everyone who wanders in and is patient while I pop my head out from the back kitchen, wash my hands from the chocolatey-mess that is my daytime, and finally arrive to say hello. In the mean time, talk amongst yourselves:)

Barista? Cocoa-tista?-
Speaking of staff... What would you call a chocolate-barista? While I doubt it really matters, what does is that I need more to help out! I am currently searching for two positions:

Wholesale Sales Rep:
I recently placed an ad on Craig's List for this and just wasn't happy with the response. While I received MANY leads, only about 5% of them were from foodies. Well since you all obviously are, it makes sense to poll here instead of elsewhere. Would you like to develop a career in the artisan food industry? Are you in sales now, but find that you'd rather eat a chocolate bar than the medical supplies you tote each day? Perhaps you already have a job or even a full-fledged career but just love chocolate? I'm searching for a driven individual to come aboard and assist with wholesale pastry and chocolate sales for the local, regional, and eventually, national markets. This is very much a self-made opportunity and can be approached in a variety of ways. Interested? Why not start by telling me how you might help us grow: info@eclipsechocolat.com

SWM ISO fine espresso, tea, and chocolate liaison to the masses. Applicants should love food and love to share it with friends. Emphasis on customer relations... smiles go a long way, folks! Email for info: info@eclipsechocolat.com

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Anonymous said...

Would it be weird to quit my job as a veterinarian (which I went to school for 8 years and racked up a ginormous amount of debt for).... in order to return to my roots as a barista so I could eat your glorious chocolate all day every day? Nah.....