Saturday, April 12, 2008

Salted-Caramel Matzo

Jews rejoice! Eclipse is bringing in the upcoming holiday week in style! Available today though the end of Passover (April 27th) these treats are perfect to enjoy during the Festival of the Unleavened Bread. For those unfamiliar to the concept, the holiday commemorates the Exodus from Egypt and the liberation of the Israelites from slavery. In Israel, Passover is a seven-day holiday, with the first and last days celebrated as a full festival involving abstention from work, special prayer services, and holiday meals. Many Jews observe the Torah commandment of eating matzo bread (a traditional unleavened cracker) on the first night of Passover at the Passover Seder, as well as the Torah prohibition against eating Chametz (leavened products such as bread, cake, cookies, beer, whiskey or pasta) for the duration of the holiday.

So what's a Jew to do during this coming week for sweet treats? Try these on for size. Though these Salted-Caramel Matzo are pretty tasty even if, like me, you're not Jewish. Made from Kosher matzo coated in smoky brittle, each is dipped in 61% dark chocolate and topped with Maldon sea-salt. Not sure about it? Think of chocolate-covered pretzels. Hits the sweet-salty spot each time! These babies are $8 for a quarter pound bag.

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