Friday, April 11, 2008

Cocoa Nib-Almond Rocher

It's been over a week since my last post! "What's the dillyo?"...I hear all you cocoa-cats asking. Just one word: batteries. My suggestion? Never buy a digital camera that relies on non-standard batteries. Not only do you end of spending a fortune on quirky non-rechargeable oddities, but it took me a week (obviously!) to get to a retailer that had them in stock. But I'm back with a chocolatey vengeance!

This past weekend, Ben took a trip to SF and tried all sorts of culinary treats, the experience of which I am most certainly, and deeply, jealous. When do I get to run amok in a foreign city scarfing down everything I can get my grubby hands on? Here's hoping soon, but I think I need to train another barista or two until I can feel comfortable leaving the shop alone for a long weekend or more. Interested? Apply within:) But I digress...

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful friend such as Ben to bring me back some tasty tidbits and when I picked him up from the airport, he presented me with a little tote filled with pastries from Tartine. He had recently purchased their cookbook, and had I gone a trip to their shop would have been on my to-do list as well. Among his gifts was a little unassuming meringue-like pastry called a rocher. Traditionally made with almonds, Tartine's version was studded with cocoa-nibs. Right up my alley, right? I've split the difference and made my own version with part cocoa-nibs and part almond meal. The result: Cocoa Nib-Almond Rocher has a rich chocolate-nut flavor with a chewy texture from the meal; its toasty on the outside and moist on the interior. A pretty good pairing with a cup of tea, if you ask me!
PS: While I'm on the subject, I recently received a bad review online relating to my obsession with cocoa nibs. Bah, I say! I love nibs and love the subtle toasty chocolate flavors they impart. If you haven't heard me say it before, nibs, which are the unprocessed nut of the cacao pod, are the essence of chocolate and are quite healthy in that they contain no added sugar. A great way to enjoy the flavor of cacao and all the health benefits of chocolate without feeling guilty!


Roger said...

Haha I've read that review. The guy (or girl?) is such a comedian.

Owner, Eclipse Chocolat said...

I assumed it was a girl. Yelp... what an odd e-entity. I love the coverage, but hate the online popularity contest. I'm only human:)

Anonymous said...

Do you ever make chestnut cakes?
Please say yes.

Owner, Eclipse Chocolat said...

I haven't a clue what a chestnut cake is, but I'm willing to check it out! You'll find pics here first if I make them!