Monday, April 28, 2008

Exotic Brownie Sundae

Let's start today's post with a brief lesson in the history of the sundae:

There is currently a heated debate between Ithaca, New York, and Two Rivers, Wisconsin, over which city has the right to claim the title "birthplace of the ice cream sundae." Two Rivers' claim is based on the story of patron of Berners' Soda Fountain asking owner Edward C. Berners to drizzle chocolate syrup over ice cream in 1881. Berners eventually did and wound up selling the treat for a nickel, originally only on Sundays, but later every day. According to this story, the spelling changed when a glass salesman ordered canoe-shaped dishes. Some claim, however, that Berners would have only been 16 or 17 in 1881 and it is therefore "improbable" that he would have owned an ice cream shop in that year.

Supporting Ithaca's claim, is an account in 1892 when John M. Scott, a Unitarian Church reverend, and Chester C. Platt, co-owner of Platt & Colt Pharmacy, created the first historically documented sundae. Mr. Platt covered dishes of ice cream with cherry syrup and candied cherries on a whim. Their creation grew so popular that by 1894, Chester Platt attempted to trademark the term ice cream "Sunday." The later spelling "sundae" is believed to have originated as a less blasphemous name for the ice cream treat.

Regardless of where and when this ice cream treat was first created, I'm a big fan. And last week I realized that I already make everything needed to put together a fantastic EC-style sundae. Just in time for the summer heat, we now have Exotic Brownie Sundaes: your choice of fresh brownie, warmed+vanilla bean gelato+our house-made Vanilla Bean Marshmallow+your choice of either Chile-Burnt Caramel or Blood Orange Olive Oil Chocolate Sauce. Take a look:


Meandering Eats said...

Yum! Looks fantastic... I'll have to bring the Mister in to try it. Brownie sundaes are one of his favorite things.

Thanks for hosting the mixer, Will! I had a great time and it was a lot of fun to meet everyone!

AnnaM said...

That looks divine! I will INVENT a reason to need one this week, without question!

You told me about this last week, and I thought it sounded great, but now seeing it... fabulous.

nines [aka nynz] said...

OMG! As a chocolate lover, I'm shocked that I haven't heard of your shop sooner. It wasn't until I read the article in last week's UT Night & Day section that I realized what I've been missing. Hope to see you soon!

Roger said...

Ahhh this makes me salivate in anticipation. Can't wait to try it...but seems like I won't be able to drop by until next week.

Down with midterms!

Owner, Eclipse Chocolat said...

Thanks for the feedback guys! I split one with a friend a few days ago. There's just enough heat in the Chile-burnt Caramel sauce for it to shine through all the dense chocolate flavor of the brownie with a little tingle on the tongue. I don't eat much of my chocolate any more (not when I'm making it all day long!), but this is one of the few things I can find myself stuffing into my fat mouth:)

laptop said...

I wanted to insert my hand inside the laptop screen and grab that Exotic Brownie Sundae!!! Yummy!