Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Even More Crème Fraîche Cupcakes

Believe it or not, today I have six cupcake flavors. Six, I tell you! Six! They don't really even fit into my pastry case in the way I like to present them. Poor Exotic Brownies... they are crammed onto a fourth of the shelf. Perhaps by the summer, the woodworker that did all of my tables and custom display pieces (the enchanting and talented Steffanie Dotson) will have some time to build me a new cabinet just for these little cakes. We'll see!

In the mean time, we'll just have to make do. I may only be able to display four per day, but six just seemed like a good idea today. Take a look at the two new flavors:

Lavender-Vanilla Bean-Chocolate-crème fraîche cake+50% dark chocolate lavender-vanilla bean filling+dark chocolate ganache glaze+vanilla bean sugar topping.

Mixed Berry Merlot-Butter-crème fraîche cake+60% dark chocolate mixed berry merlot filling+dark chocolate ganache glaze+fresh strawberry half topping.


Roger said...

Okay the previous cupcake flavors sound great, but these two are really yelling for me to eat 'em!

I'll cya on Sunday Will. Should be a pretty exciting crowd.

Melanie Lytle said...

Have you seen these fab cupcacke wrappers? ( A little frilly, but oh-so-cool!! I immediately thought of your new cupcakes!

Anonymous said...

I had the lavender-vanilla bean cupcake on Friday. It was sooo good! =)