Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pan-Asian Yumminess

Last night Zach, Nicole, Albert, Jen, and I slaved away and delighted 80 lucky guests with our Pan-Asian Five Course Chocolate Tasting Dinner. Actually, the delight was enjoyed by all; it was a pleasure on both sides of the counter. My delight is largely due to the fact that these guys helping me continue to be on-point in making these special events more special with each new engagement.

This was our sixth dinner and I was really happy to hear the reactions. My friends Bob and Anna-Marie (cafe supporters and all around cocoa-crazy rock stars) have attended all but one of our feasts. It's exciting to see them return time and time again, and I've become accustomed to their feedback as a sort of measuring stick. Bob claims that this was our best soup course to date, and both loved the beef entree. Thanks for the support, guys! I'm always happy to see you both wander in each week.

Before the pics, allow me this chance to introduce our next event, a Southern Comfort Dinner, on September 20th. It's a Saturday, so seatings will be at 4.5, 6.5, and 8.5 again. Don't wait to reserve your space; the last dinner sold out about a week before the date. Check it:

White Chocolate Biscuits with Sausage Gravy
Butter Beans with Cocoa-Glazed Duroc Bacon
Sauteed Southern Greens with Candied Cocoa Nibs
Cornmeal-Crusted Chicken and Chocolate Chip Waffle with Chile-Maple Syrup
Sweet Potato Pie with Milk Chocolate Gelato

There will also be an optional starter platter of:

Coconut-Crusted Shrimp with Chile-Burnt Caramel Dipping Sauce

If you're wondering why you are missing the dinner announcements, email us ( and ask to join the mailing list. You'll never be out of the loop again.

Until then, check the shots on the all-foods Asian feast (pics courtesy of friend and local food blogger, Roger)
Starter: Chicken Satay with Chile-Burnt Caramel Peanut Sauce
Vietnam: Fresh Spring Rolls with Spicy Black Bean-Chocolate Sauce

Thailand: Curried Carrot Soup with White Chocolate Five-Spice Creme

China: Stir-fried Long Beans with Cocoa Nibs

Japan: Sake & Cocoa-Glazed Beef with Black Sesame Rice

Indonesia: Black Rice Pudding with Milk Chocolate-Cinnamon Creme


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making such a wonderful dinner! We had a really lovely time!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for a lovely evening, hopefully this is just the first of many for us. ^_^ You really impressed my husband with the rice pudding, he LOVED it! We also really enjoyed the soup, it was very refreshing and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

thanks again Will. the reason we show for so many of the dinners is...well, frankly...they're fantastic, unique creations foodies like AM and I seek out. Keep up the good work and we'll keep coming by and loving it


Anonymous said...

Your delicious dinner was a highlight of our trip to San Diego. As mentioned above, the Black Rice dessert was a spectacular culmination of this celebratory dinner. Thank you for broadening our palate and extending personal attention to us as well. Non-VIP Pennsylvanians