Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cacao Azteca and Blackberry Goat Cheese

Two more truffles comin' your way!

Cacao Azteca is an old standard of ours, and originally debuted with the initial 16 in our truffle tasting guide. I'm mentioning it now because I haven't had a chance to make this baby since Valentine's Day, so chances are you haven't seen it before. Featuring a center of chile-infused burnt-caramel ganache, enrobed in 61% dark chocolate and topped with a mild chile blend, this unassuming gem packs a wallop. The particular chile that I chose to use in the infusion is quite spicy and yields a very delayed heat that burns only in the throat. The typical response goes something like "Hey, this isn't spicy at all", to which I calmly wait a prolonged 5-second pause and rebuttle with "How about now?". When enjoying a box of our infusions, try this one last!

The second infusion of note this week is Blackberry Goat Cheese. I personally love goat cheese, especially in chocolate. Anyone who disagrees with me is crazy. Simply put. Also in 61% dark chocolate, this ganache features part goat cheese with the cream content, the product of which is tangy and slightly fluffy in texture. It's a nice compliment to the fresh blackberry puree and the desiccated blackberry garnish that complete its flavor profile.

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