Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Exotic Gelatos- Part Due

More gelatos! Fun! And since I spent my last blog series indulging in French, we're moving to Italian this time. Besides, it's gelato... Part Due it is!

I've had my new gelato freezer running all day for the last 48 hours, and there's no end in sight. I will be taking advantage of the rest of the week to prep for our upcoming Spectacular. Today I made two new flavors: Chile-burnt Caramel & Mango and Azteca Cinnaroll.

Chile-burnt Caramel & Mango begins with a burnt caramel gelato base and is finished by folding in chile-rubbed candied mangos when it's frozen. Have you ever had those chile-mango slices popular in Latino mercados? Well imagine that concept in gelato form. It's smoky with lots of different chile hints and a throat spice to follow. Not for everyone, but I find it intriguing as an iced dessert.

Azteca Cinnaroll is one of our special edition gelatos, meaning that it won't always be available, though I'm afraid many of you will be knocking down our doors to get some. It also begins will a burnt-caramel gelato base and is finished with (you guessed it) pieces of day-old Azteca Cinnamon Rolls. If you have had those babies before, you'll know they are yeasty, buttermilky, Vietnamese cinnamony, and a little cayenne-y (yes, though are all words). And in gelato form, it comes out like a bizarro bread pudding- with a rich custard texture that is frozen instead of baked. It's pretty frickin' amazing if I do say so myself.

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