Monday, June 9, 2008

White Chocolate Thyme Sauce with Frozen Berries AND Dark Chocolate-Rhubarb Mousse

I seldomly post on more than one food item at a time. In fact, this may be the first example of this. My work is crazy enough; I try not to overwhelm anyone. Technically these are related, so here you go. Either way, the post is a bit of a foodie frenzy.

Time is ticking away on our last Seasonal Dessert Tasting Platter. It was originally scheduled to take me through the end of this month, but I, in fact, have only a half dozen platters left. When they're gone they're gone, folks! Then we will debut our next collection. Here's a teaser of two of the four upcoming treats:

White Chocolate Lemon-Thyme Sauce with Frozen Berries-
[white chocolate sauce infused with vanilla bean, lemon peel, & thyme+frozen mixed berries]

Dark Chocolate-Rhubarb Mousse-
[chilled 61% dark chocolate mousse+rhubarb, red wine, & vanilla bean compote+dried pomegranate arils]

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