Friday, June 20, 2008

Eclipse Chocolat: 70 Degrees All the Day Long

If trends continue, this coming weekend should be pretty warm in sunny San Diego. Don't get me wrong, this simple guy from Ohio does enjoy the 300-some cloudless days of Southern California, he just doesn't enjoy the rising cost of AC-related electric bills. But wait, I think Ohio is actually warmer than SD at the moment. I stand corrected... no complaints here.

So while my SDGE bill climbs to 300% volume, my loss is your gain! Seriously though. I own a chocolate shop. This place stays a climate-controlled 70 degrees year-round. How else can I properly store all the goodies I make? The great thing for all of you is that I offer FREE WI-FI in conjunction with these low, low temperatures. So I ask you, why am I not packed with laptop junkies all day long? Maybe it's not hot enough for people to make the connection?

I've got a lot of iced foods and drinks as well. Check it:

Lavender Vanilla-bean Lemonade

Exotic Brownie Sundae

Frozen Mixed Berries with White Chocolate Lemon-Thyme Sauce

And two I've never mentioned before on the blog:

Espresso Affogato- Mild, double pour of espresso+vanilla bean gelato

Espresso Frigido- Cold-brewed espresso+iced milk

The Frigido I find of particular interest. We take freshly ground espresso beans and cold-soak them in water for 24 hours before straining. Sometimes called Toddy Espresso, the result is an incredibly mild iced coffee with a very high caffeine content. The theory is by brewing coffee with cold water you will extract less acidity and bitterness resulting in a superior cup of coffee. Typically, I drink an espresso a day (which contains less caffeine than a drip coffee), but if I find myself splurging on this baby... well I feel a bit cracked out. But, that's just me!

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