Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Father's Day Pics

This past weekend at the cafe was filled with lots and lots of chocolate gluttony. For $35, guests enjoyed a five course chocolate-themed bar-b-que. This was the fourth such dinner, and the heaviest to date, but what's Father's Day without at least one deadly sin?

The next dinner is scheduled to be Friday, July 25th, with seatings at 6.5 and 8.5pm and is a Summer Seafood theme. There will not be veggie options, so we are expecting fewer guests than normal. Reservations are limited to a total of 48 guests.

While the menu is still in development, I am working on a White Chocolate & Grilled Peach Sangria, Chile-Burnt Caramel Shrimp Ceviche, Cocoa-rubbed Seared Diver Scallop, and more! If interested, we're already taking reservations.

But what does a multi-course chocolate tasting dinner look like? Glad you asked! Dad's Day platings comin' at ya:

Artisan sausages: Chicken thai basil with ginger, Pork mole, Smoked beef cocoa-nib

First Plating:
Chile-roasted corn on the cobb with house-made cocoa-nib butter

Second Plating:
Chocolate bar-b-que baked beans with cocoa-glazed durac bacon

Third Plating:
Heirloom brandywine tomato slice with goat cheese brulee and white chocolate-balsamic drizzle

Fourth Plating:
Cocoa nib-smoked bar-b-que pulled pork sammie with white chocolate slaw

Fifth Plating:
Grilled pound cake-vanilla bean s’mores with milk chocolate sauce

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Anonymous said...

the fathers day luncheon was fantastic. Ive been fortunate enough to attend all the specialty lunches/brunches so far. have to say the fathers day feast was one of my favorites, followed close by mothers day.

bravo once again my friend