Saturday, June 7, 2008

Private Chocolate-making Party; AKA Par-tay with Eclipse Chocolat

Last night we hosted our first ever Private Chocolate-Making Party here at the cafe. The event was for 20-some lovely young ladies celebrating the 17th birthday of their good friend.

So of what does a Private Chocolate-Making Party consist? Well in this instance, each guest was invited to fill, glaze, and garnish a pair of Crème Fraîche Cupcakes (with their choice of fillings and toppings, of course), hand-roll a number of Exotic Truffles, and make a number of other chocolate temptations. Each place-setting at the table was complete with a White Chocolate Citrus Sparkler, a personalized favor in the form of a ribboned Lavender Sea-salt Caramel Truffle, and a few Asian Take-out boxes for guests to carry home their chocolatey wares.

Parties are limited to 10-20 people, come complete with a Chocolate Liaison (check out our own Charlie as host in this pic), cost $25 per guest, and typically last 2-hours. All other details are completely customizable! You invite your guests, show up and make some chocolate, and sing a song to the lucky recipient. We take care of the rest!

Please allow for two-weeks notice for reservations.

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