Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tangerine Honeycomb

New Year's Resolution #4:
More scrumptious photos (that are in focus!)

While I am not a professional photographer, I do in fact, have my Master's in Sculpture. As many of you know, that is actually how this all began. When I was finishing my third year of graduate school (seven years of art school in total), I began to play with chocolate as if it were another artistic material. No, I didn't actually sculpt with it, but I was experimenting with flavor from the perspective of an artist.

About half-way through my grad program, I picked up beeswax and honey as a conceptual and symbolic material and began to emphasize my work around my fascination with molding and melting the two. Compounded with the fact that I've always been a foodie and dessert whore, by the time I reached my thesis exhibition I had picked up chocolate as a canvas for my creations, though this time strictly for the mouth. I had even planned a closing reception for my show so I would have time to cater it all myself! That was the beginning of Eclipse!

Now while I can hack together some photography, my digital camera is really just a glamorized point-and-shoot. Luckily, seven years of schooling had given me a great sense of composition. So while many of my posts look pretty good, they are often plagued with lousy lighting and focus problems. No more, I say! And this post is the first of my newly focused sense of determination. I hope its the first of many more titillating food pics.

And what better place to start? Tangerine Honeycomb, while an art-piece for the mouth, is a pleasant culinary exercise in my first artistic love: all things bee-kind. Made from a burnt-sugar base infused with golden honey, this confection froths up as we pour it into confectionery frames to set. The result is a deep honey flavor with a crisp and airy texture. It is finished with a coating of 72% dark chocolate infused with a hint of tangerine, and topped with bee pollen. It's pretty unique and striking in this photo, if I do say so myself. It's available in the Asian Take-out boxes for $8 a quarter pound. And since it contains no dairy, it's vegan!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I came by your blog to see if I could find out if you sold any vegan, organic, Fair Trade products. Just a note that vegans do not eat honey, so the Tangerine Honeycomb is not vegan. If you do offer any products that are free of dairy and bee products, that would probably make a great blog post topic! Ditto with organic and Fair Trade. There are a few yummy chocolate options available (tho not produced) locally that fit those 3 criteria, but I'd love to support a local business that offers them, too ;)