Thursday, January 17, 2008

Chocolate Chip-Chocolate Brioche

While not the sexiest girl at the party, this little mama is the one you will want to marry. Another new pastry for our first resolution, you can find our Chocolate Chip-Chocolate Brioche in rotation next to the exotic brownies and other temptations. Made from a 72% dark chocolate and butter-fortified yeast dough, we start these the night before so they can develop an intense flavor while they rest. Then chocolate chips are folded in and they are baked until moist and airy. Subtly sweet and overwhelmingly dark, the are a great pairing with a cup of tea or espresso. Just the right for a light snack, they are $3 each.

1 comment:

aquanetta said...

I wish there were some left when I stopped by on Sunday.