Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sea-salt Nib

Continuing with my New Year's resolution to review my old standards, this post is dedicated to my most popular solid chocolate blend. "Most popular" is probably an understatement. Sea-salt Nib, in fact, out-sells my other eleven chocolate blends 3-to-1!

Made from 55% percent dark chocolate, this blend is infused with candied cocoa nibs and lavender-herbed grey sea-salt. If you haven't tried this bar before, you're missing out! It's flecked with our house-made lavender-herbed grey sea-salt which explode on your tongue as concentrated salty bursts. This experience is tempered with the addition of candied cocoa nibs. Cocoa nibs, the "meat" of the cacao pod, are the unprocessed raw essentials of chocolate, containing both the cocoa liquor and cocoa butter content of finished chocolate. We candy them, coating each kernel in a burnt sugar shell, which accentuates the toasty chocolate flavor. Previously, this processed involved a small amount of butter, but we have recently switched to using olive oil so that the final bar is vegan. The label still says that the bar contains milk powder and butter, but those ingredients have been omitted and the label will read "vegan-friendly" when it is next printed!

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