Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Azteca Cinnamon Rolls

New Year's Resolution #1:
More delicious and decadent pastries and baked goods.

Each day at the cafe we plate a few fresh goodies for our pastry case. Having opened just a few weeks before Xmas, no one here had a moment to breath, let alone add something new to our line-up. So for a while, it was a lot of exotic brownies and not much else around here. Not that I heard anyone complaining; you all seemed quite happy with those little dense and chocolatey gems (see the full post here). But I'm happy to say that that's not the only trick up my sleeve. No need to worry, we will still have the brownies each day, but here is a glimpse of the first (of many) new pastries you might find each day.

Gooey, sticky, spicy, and creamy are a few words that can aptly describe our new Azteca Cinnamon Rolls. Our decadent variation on the classic, we start the buttermilk dough the day before and although them to rest, chilled, for 16 hours or so. During that time, they develop a well-balanced yeasty flavor that's a little akin to sourdough. These treats are then rolled up and filled with dark muscovado sugar, Vietnamese cinnamon, and a touch of cayenne. They aren't exactly hot, but they do have a subtle bite to them that you aren't likely to find in other rolls. Plus, they are topped with cream cheese frosting, and who isn't on board for that?

Have them cold or asked us to gently heat them. Either way, they are my new personal favorite!

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