Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dark Chocolate-Olive Oil Fondue Platter

Haven't had a sexy food post for a while, so I'm bringing out the big guns. What's sexier than dipping things into liquid chocolate-lovin'?

Shown here in all of its drippy goodness is our Dark Chocolate-Olive Oil Fondue Platter. One of our vegan favorites, this platter of to-be-dipped goodies is accompanied with our house-made fondue of 72% chocolate and Californian olive oil infused with blood oranges. The resulting flavor of this marriage is somewhat citrus, somewhat fruit, and somewhat sweet. Enjoy it with our Spanish Marcona almonds and sugared-torta, candied mango slices, and seasonal fresh fruit. At the moment its coming with fresh apricot halves. Bon appetite!

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