Thursday, July 9, 2009

Extravaganza Results!

So I got a Facebook message from a long-term client and thus friend telling me of a prophetic dream she had last Friday. She dreamt that she had won the Extravaganza raffle and was so excited about the experience that she rushed to the cafe within hours to purchase two boxes of cupcakes and thus two possibilities to win the grand prize. Hours earlier to her message, I had drawn the two winners so I was charmed to hear of her unsual psychic talent of fortune telling. Call it what you will, but Victoria Olson will be eatting lots and lots of cupcakes this summer. 72 free ones throughout the course of the summer to be exact!

Christine Speidel, if you're out there reading this, your name was drawn, too! I suppose I will have to email you directly since as of yet I have had no indications that you are similarly endowed with the powers of precognition.

I'm still waiting to hear from the instant winners, so if you found one of those medallions in your cupcake make sure to email us! In total, 65 people entered the raffle.

All in all, the Cupcake Extravaganza went off fantastically thanks to my fantastic barista staff and the incredible Autumn-Cupcake Mamma-Teemsma. Besides you folks buying out flavors fasters than we could refill them, everyone seemed to be quite content with the selection, too!

If you missed it, we will continue to rotate all 28 flavors daily, featuring 8 or more cupcakes each day until they sell out. Also, don't forget that any cupcake flavor can be made into a Full-Sized Cake that serves 12-15. Orders require 48 hours notice and are $60.

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Jess said...

YUM! Your cupcakes look so good. I am a bit of a cupcake fanatic myself. Can't wait until I move to San Diego to experience the real thing!