Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sea Salt Nib Icecream Sammies and the New Dessert Tasting Platter.

Look at it. You know you can't resist the siren call of the Sea-salt Nib. You want it in your mouth. It's ok. It can be our secret. I won't tell anyone...

"Sea Salt Nib???" I see you all looking around. "All I see is a deliciously amazing ice cream cookie sandwich". To which I respond: Can't it be both? You are, in fact, looking at the first Sea-Salt Nib Ice Cream Sandwich complete with chewy Cyprus sea salt and cocoa nib-flecked cookies between a gooey layer of banana-brown sugar gelato. And it's all part of the current Seasonal Dessert Tasting Platter.

But that's not the only exciting addition around here. After all, it is getting hot outside. The temps here in Sunny San Diego have been climbing for a few weeks and what's more refreshing than a frozen treat to cool the palate? Well wait no more cocoa-kiddies, I've got brand new temptations for everyone.

If you've been to the cafe recently, you will have noticed a change in our Dessert Tasting Platter. I know its a shocker, but Will Gustwiller, owner of Eclipse Chocolat and over opinionated/stubborn chocolatier extradinaire, has finally given in to popular demand. Previously, our platters have been oriented to be "collections" of four little desserts perfectly sized for two to share with each collection changing every eight weeks to reflect seasonal ingredients, but the continued interest in making substitutions and omissions has finally worn away at my cold, chocolate-dipped heart. Take a look now!

Wha... what's this? Is it the Apocalypse already? I haven't even BEGUN my Bucket List! Are those SIX offerings on the dessert platter sign?
Yes, tis true. From here on out, guests enjoying our dessert platter experience will have their choice of four of the six available desserts. Love our bread puddings? Well get a whole platter of them; we've got at least two different flavors at a time! Or double-up (or triple or more!) on your favorite item. There's more where those came from... and it'll be the tastiest Apocalypse ever.


autumn said...

hilarious! good moves all around. give into the masses, they'll be happy with their chocolate filled bellies stuffed to capacity. and, agreed, the tastiest apocalypse ever.

carin said...

i still have yet to have a seasonal dessert platter. travesty, i know. i've apparently been holding out until i had this tiny level of control! YUM!!

Unknown said...

omg... a sea salt ice cream sammie... thats a must do. When can I get back in before con..... Must make this work.

Jennywenny said...

Wow, that looks so good! Really need to make it over there asap!

Unknown said...

For sure, jennywenny!

Hope to see you tomorrow, Will. I was finally able to tear myself away from responsibilities in LA just so I could swing by Eclipse again!