Thursday, July 16, 2009

New England Seafood Dinner

With summer in full swing, we've decided that it's high time to celebrate with a feast of delectable seafood, so the theme for our next dinner is New England cuisine. And the thing that comes to mind first when I consider all the tasty vittles from the North Atlantic Coast is the delectable crab cake.

Ah... crab cakes. One of my personal favorite meals. There's just something deliciously enticing about the subtle oceanic tones of crab meat: buttery and rich with a hint of the sea. Plus they're also pan-fried in butter and when has that ever gone wrong?

It's actually been quite some time since our last dinner (four weeks already!), and there are a few minor changes to the upcoming menu since I first announced it weeks ago. All improvements, of course. Take a look:

Exclusively for Saturday, July 25th, with seatings at 4, 6, and 8pm, for just $25 our guests will enjoy:

Roasted Corn & Sweet Onion Chowder with Cocoa-glazed Bacon

Pan-fried Crab Cakes (or Roasted Vegi & Quinoa Cakes) over Mixed Greens with Poached Egg and Chile-burnt Caramel Hollendaise
served with Herbed Hasty Pudding

Chile-Burnt Caramel & Apple Pocket Pie with White Chocolate Semifreddo

We will also feature:

Steamed Mussels with Crispy Salumi and Herbs (optional starter for just $12)
Call ahead to RSVP as space is limited! 619.578.2984


Anonymous said...

Delicious meal! However, there was not a mention of the outrageous 18% gratuity included. This may hinder repeats.

Owner, Eclipse Chocolat said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I apologize that you were not informed of our program. My staff is supposed to tell you of the gratuity at the time of placing your reservation. The standard 18% gratuity plays a part of our sponsorship program. We donate 10% of all of our net profits to local non-profits and charities, and at the dinners anything beyond that 18% is donated directly in full.