Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Full-sized Creme Fraiche Cakes!

There's been a little-known secret here in the cafe for about three months now and I think its time to divulge this gem to the masses. Did you know that I bake full-sized cakes? Of course not... I'm telling you for the first time now!

Unless of course you are a certain regular client who practically begged me to make one for the first time a few months ago. Reluctant at first, I ultimately decided to bake off a giant version of our popular Sea-salted Caramel cupcake. It was rectangular in shape, multi-layered, and looked a bit like a large opera cake.

If you know me personally (or even professionally), you probably know that I am pretty stubborn when it comes to what I am interested in doing culinarily. And pastry isn't exactly something I want to be known for (I'm a chocolatier first, after all!), but business is business, and if you can provide people with something they are demanding, then you're a fool to not comply. Thus is my relationship with the full-sized cake.

So finally giving in, I present to you the Creme Friache Torte. Essentially just a large cake in one of the flavors in our Creme Fraiche Cupcakes, this treat is large enough for a party and will comfortably serve 12-16 cocoa-fiends. Available in the following flavors, each is $60, made only to order, and are so far pretty well received.

Chocolate Cakes:
Sea-salt Caramel
Goat Cheese & Fig
Balsamic Pink Peppercorn
Chile-burnt Marshmallow

Yellow Cakes:
Marshmallow Almond
Peanut Butter Toffee

Please allow for 48 hours notice for an order! Here's the Sea Salt Caramel, complete with Exotic Salted Caramels on top!!! Check it:


Jennywenny said...

Oh wow, that looks truly delicious, I really need to stop by soon and try more of your chocolates.

AnnaM said...

You are contributing to my waistline!!!!!!!!!
That looks beyond wonderful.

Michelle P said...

I think I know what cake I'm going to order for my birthday in December!!!! I just wish chocolates were more diabetic friendly =(

Sheri said...

Why oh why did I not know about this on my last birthday???