Saturday, March 7, 2009

Azteca Cinnamon Rolls

I promised a few people (Rich, Sean, Ray, Tanya... the list goes on) that once Vday was behind me and I got my culinary ducks in a row that I would commit to a regular production assistant and my famous Azteca Cinnamon Rolls would return. These babies take two consecutive days to make, so unfortunately they seem to be the first to be dropped from the agenda when things get busy. But with the advent of the lovely Autumn coming in every Friday like clockwork, I no longer have excuses. So they are back! And hopefully everyday!

Gooey, sticky, spicy, and creamy are a few words that can aptly describe these delights. Our decadent variation on the classic, I start the buttermilk dough the day before and allow them to rest, chilled, for 16 hours or so. During that time, they develop a well-balanced yeasty flavor that's a little akin to sourdough. These treats are then rolled up and filled with dark muscovado sugar, Vietnamese cinnamon, and a touch of cayenne. Then they are topped with cream cheese frosting, and who isn't on board for that?

I warn you, these are addicting.

They are $3 each, or a set of 4 is $10. They are comin' outta the oven in about 35 minutes (that's 10:55 Pacific Standard Time)!


Roger said...

Available every day? Looks like I'll be hanging out at Eclipse all afternoon again :)

carin said...

these look AMAZING!!!