Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sweet Potato Spice

As promised, I've spent a great deal of time as of late developing new truffle infusions. Now that my case holds 16 infusions at a time, I plan on taking advantage of this and throwing as many types of truffles at ya'll as I can muster. Of course if you can't make a decision because there are too many delectable concoctions from which to choose... well that's not my problem.

Debuted last week, Sweet Potato Spice is here just in time for the fall and all of the warmly comforting desserts that come along for the season. At our last tasting dinner, we featured a Sweet Potato Bread Pudding that is arguably the best bread pudding Eclipse has seen yet. I personally enjoyed it so much, it is currently featured on our Seasonal Dessert Tasting Platter, too. And, lucky for you all, I had enough potato mash for a small run of truffles to recreate the same flavor concept into a smaller, more chocolatey tidbit.

Enrobed in 38% milk chocolate, this dark chocolate ganache is packed with plenty of Sweet Potato mash and Vietnamese cinnamon and other spices. It's finished with a generous garnish of African Grains of Paradise. If you haven't heard me speak of these before, these babies are often used in lieu of peppercorns in Northern Africa and are peppery and piquant, with unusual tones of cardamom.

We will showcase this infusion until it's gone, and expect it to last through the early fall. Check

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