Monday, October 20, 2008

Jasmine and Pear Nectar

When I started Eclipse back in 2004 as a hobby, I developed 16 different exotic truffle infusions. To make a long story short, a year later I had added my chocolate bar line followed quickly by the Asian Take-outs. And two years after that I opened my retail shop from which I am currently sitting and writing this little ditty. Today is, in fact, my official one year anniversary (holds for applause).

While it's been a long and winding chocolate journey with lots and lots of culinary concoctions, my Exotic Artisan Truffles remain, to this day, my first and primary love. All true truffles are made from an emulsion of fresh cream and chocolate combined with other flavorings (in my cafe entirely natural). There is just something magical about taking dried herbs and spices, fresh produce, and whatever exciting ingredients I can find and infusing them into hot cream. In fact, when I first set down to design my Truffle Tasting Guide, our visual menu of truffles included in each box, the first piece of writing I created for Eclipse was this:

A new Moon crowns the night sky...
This is the moment of the Eclipse;
A convergence of Art and Science.
It is chocolate-making as alchemy.

And thus Eclipse began, and still today I come into my shop each morning and decide which exotic herbs and spices to pull from my cabinet with which to create our chocolate infusions. The main difference being the size of my pantry growing to include over 60 herbal ingredients!

One of my first "seasonal" infusions still remains one of my favorites: Jasmine and Pear Nectar. Made from organic jasmine blossoms and pear puree, this truffle is finished in 61% dark chocolate ganache and topped with a candied pear slice.

Enjoy this truffle and three others this week at our first Truffle and Wine Tasting Event this Wednesday, October 22nd from 7-8pm. The other infusions we will be tasting are: Balsamic Pink Peppercorn, Lavender Poppy, and Peppered Goat Cheese and Fig. Each will be accompanied by a wine and the whole event is just $20 per guest. We sell out at just 30 people, so call today (619.578.2984) to RSVP!

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