Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lavender-lemon Mimosa

My blog posts have been a bit sparse lately, and I promise to remedy that soon! With so much set-up here for our new Wine and Beer offerings, little time has been left to actually write about the things that I love most: the food.

When I first designed my menu boards (believe it or not nearly a full year before even signing the lease for this space), I concocted a lovely drink that became to be known as Lavender Vanilla-bean Lemonade. Made in house from fresh lemons, organic lavender blossoms, vanilla beans, and cane sugar, it is poured into one of our Picardie cafe glasses and topped with ice and Pellegrino. It's fun and refreshing.

I think the thing I like most about it is how the Pellegrino transforms the drink. I'm sure it would be nice with just a good bottled water, but the effervescence of the Pellergrino actually raises the tiny vanilla bean seeds to the surface of the beverage, something which our guests become very aware when they perceive the actual texture of the seeds between their teeth. The tiny little pops make me smile. I mean, how many times can you say that you have actually felt a vanilla bean seed on your palate before?

Well with the advent of our Wine and Beer offerings we are officially taking this drink to the next level. For an extra few bucks, you can now upgrade the lemonade with our featured champagne! Karma Champagne, locally operated in Carlsbad, is lovely California brut with subtle notes of melon and pear and the perfect addition to our lemonade. For $10 guests get a full flute filled with this bubbly pairing and enough extra Karma for second glass!

And don't forget to enjoy it during our Happy Hour (M-F 4-7pm) when all Wine and Beer purchases come with a your choice of free truffle! Here it is plated next to our Lavender Poppy truffle. Enjoy!

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