Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Marshmallow-y Goodness

In the last post, I mentioned a brownie that was topped with our own House-made Vanilla-bean Marshmallows. Now, I have to admit that as a kid I felt that outside of the context of a camp-fire marshmallows held little to no allure for me. But replace the commercial lumps of "jet-puffed" corn-syrup with fresh, pillowy clouds of fluffy goodness, and we're talking something I can't resist.

Marshmallows are pretty simple really, just awfully messy. And having the right equipment helps, too. My formula is five simple ingredients: cane sugar, honey, gelatin, egg whites, and vanilla bean... nothing else. The only hard part is cutting them to shape. Here are some pics of my fancy pastry-cutter at work (imagine a giant egg slicer on steroids).

Stay tuned to see what else I have planned for these darling little treasures!

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