Wednesday, June 3, 2009

200 Posts and a Free Tee-Shirt!

Wow. Just weeks before the blog turns two years old and I'm at my 200th post! Fun!

And what good timing for a fun promotional? Autumn, Wyatt, Nicole, Jess, and the rest of the bunch here have been rackin' our cocoa-clogged brains in attempts to come up with a fun Eclipse-branded tee shirt as our new cafe uniform... but alas, we're all outta ideas. So, we're asking for help.

Drop us a reply here with your idea for a funny, interesting, or inspirational Eclipse-related phrase for the front of our new chocolate-brown tees. The backs will, of course, feature the EC logo. Tees will be available in the cafe for anyone interested in sharing in the chocolate-covered goodness. Literally... they are chocolate-colored tees, but each will come with a small chocolate bar ($3 value) and priced at just $12! That's a $9 tee-shirt for anyone whose not inclined to do simple math.

Best yet, our favorite three suggestions here will receive a free shirt! So hurry up and get your brains workin'. The contest will close on Friday, June 12th.


Sheri said...

"nobody knows the truffles I've seen"...

Stacy said...

we eclipse all other desserts

lynn yarmey said...

- sweet experimentation

- expanding consciousness

- chemistry never tasted so good

- cocoa to the power of will


lynn yarmey said...

ps. i know i am too late for the contest, just couldn't help myself! :)

Sheri said...

So, any decision about what is going on the t-shirt?