Monday, April 6, 2009

Chocolate Bread Pudding To Go!

A friend recently told me that it would take three solid years before a retail storefront such as mine would have all the kinks worked out and have solid clientele base. At first I thought that sounded crazy. I wondered to myself, why should it ever take that long? Those of you who know me personally might consider me the busiest busy-body around, and I am always rushing to have things done quickly. Three years? That's crazy! I wanted to have all of my ducks in an enrobing line well before that.

Sure enough, it's been over a year and a half and things are still changing around here. It took me a long time to learn to shelf my ego and give in to popular demand despite my interest in shaping Eclipse to be what I had always imagined it to be. I am a business person after all and youz gots to sell whats the people wants to buy. And this, the most recent addition of the Eclipse family, is probably well over-due!

Having been consistently the most popular part of our Seasonal Dessert Tasting Platters, I have finally decided to offer our bread puddings to go! Made from all fresh ingredients including locally baked organic challah bread from Charlie's Best Bread (find them at all the local farmer's markets!), these goodies are gooey, custardy, and everything that a decadent dessert should be. And now you can serve them to your guests at home!

We're baking our Chocolate Bread Puddings in 3lb slabs and wrap each with a cute label and flavor description before them go into frozen storage. All you need do is stock your freezer for those unexpected guests and pop one in the oven or microwave for service! Stuffed with chocolate chunks and a variety of other temptations, each makes 10-12 servings and is $18. Or you can buy 2 for $30. Ask what flavors we have in stock as they will always been rotating. Today I made:

White Chocolate Cherry

Milk Chocolate Maple-Pecan

White Chocolate Blackberry

Azteca Cinnamon Roll

Sea-salted Caramel Chunk


Unknown said...

YUM Will!!! Going to have to swing by and buy some!!

Capt Jack said...

oh dewd! thats totally uncool! I'm trying to drop a few lbs, not find irresistable ways to pack on more!!!

(kidding...I should be by in a few days for my first dose)


Matt. Tara. Addi. Roslyn. said...

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Thanks, Tara

Roger said...

O_O oh wow. My pal (also named Will!) who fell in love with your bread puddings by freeloading off my winter dessert platter kept asking me if you sell them a la carte. Well. Guess you now have another devoted fan who's sure to swing by often!