Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Southern California Events (With Free Samples!)

If you live in San Diego you're a lucky person. Sure, sure, the sun is nearly always shining, but I'm talking about your proximity to the Eclipse Cafe, of course! And if you live in Southern California at large, surely you can find my product line somewhere near you... especially since we've got about three dozen retail clients from here to San Fran.

But for those of you in SD and LA this weekend is for you! I've got two free events comin' up and both are featuring free vittles. Check it:

Join us at the Eclipse Cafe this Friday night as we feature local artist Andrea Averbuj and her new body of paintings. But as this is a food blog and not an art blog, I suppose your eyes stopped right at "free vittles", you hungry little bastards. Well its true... we will be debuting two BRAND NEW Eclipse Drinking Chocolates: 55% Lavender Sea-salt Caramel (of course!) and 85% Cinnamon Masala. Join us from 7-9pm and grab a sample cup... this ones on us.

And if you're in the Los Angeles area this weekend, join me at Surfas, restaurant supply and foodie depot extraordinaire! I will be doing a free cooking class from 3-4pm and showing the visitors whats all the fuss about artisan sea-salts and chocolates. And yes, you will get to eat the things I'm cookin' up. Located in Culver City at the corner of W. Washington and National. Here's a map and their website.

See you all soon!


Marisa said...

Hola he visto tu blog y me ha encantado los postres que haceis ,¿que tipo de local es ?¿cafeteria,restaurante?

Stacy said...

Mmm, too good! Thanks for the free taste!

p.s. I always end up buying like 4 other things when I come in, so you should have free tastings more often! ;) haha.