Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring Seasonal Dessert Tasting Platter

I know what you are thinking: the first day of Spring isn't until March 20th. But why wait until then to debut a new platter? Call it a month early... either way I am happy to usher in something new. Starting today our Spring Seasonal Dessert Tasting Platter is available! Find a friend and stop in to enjoy the sugary vittles.

Here's what we are serving for the next six weeks:

Grilled White Chocolate Carrot Gateaux
[grilled almond-carrot cake studded with 31% white chocolate chips]

Butterscotch-Macadamia Pudding with Cocoa Nibs
[whipped cream pudding+toasted macadamia nut+cocoa nibs+butterscotch sauce]

Roasted Banana Bread Pudding with Dark Chocolate Sauce
[custard-soaked bread pudding studded with roasted bananas+72% dark chocolate sauce]

Frozen Plombiere with Cherry-Peppercorn Compote
[cocoa-infused frozen plombiere+warmed cherry-pink peppercorn compote]



Lee Lee said...

yum chocalate?

Roger said...

Looks like another winner, Will. I took my friends to try the previous dessert platter after a late dinner and they finally understood why I always go on and on about you and Eclipse.

Lookin' forward to swinging by again!