Friday, February 6, 2009

Chocolate and Roses

More than a week has passed since my last post and the little Catholic boy deep inside me (I think he's still in there somewhere) is feeling terribly guilty about it. I'll make amends by posting at least a few more times before the big holiday, as long as I can find the time between drowning in a few thousand truffles.

Speaking of, we've been pouring our little hearts out making as many as possible before next weekend. I'm up to 32 different infusions in my bag of tricks and since my case only holds 16 at a time, many only make seasonal appearances. One that is guaranteed this time of year is a little ditty I made for the first time way back in Vday of 2004 when I was but a naive chocolatier with high hopes and cocoa-glazed dreams. Since then Cardamom Rose-Petal has made an appearance each Vday after.

Enrobed in a 61% dark chocolate shell, this ganache in infused with organic cardamom seeds and perfumed with a touch of rose water. The finished truffle is gilded with a candied rose petal imported from France. And what could be more apropos for your Valentine? Stop in early this week to insure its availability, I only did one sheet of these chocolates this year and it may be gone quickly!

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