Saturday, February 7, 2009

Roses and Chocolate

If I got your taste buds perky with the last post, be prepared to be tantalized with this one... What's the next best thing after my Cardamom Rose Petal Truffle? My new Rose Nectar Bellini, of course!

When Ray and I traversed the Fancy Food Show earlier this month, we stumbled upon a Rose Nectar Soda imported from Romania bottled under the label called Essence. We both found it instantly charming and refreshing and knew that it should be incorporated in the upcoming Valentine's Day activities. Made from premium roses, this beverage is distilled, bubbled, and bottled that results in a light sweetness and perfume that I think pairs perfectly with our Karma Champagne. Try it with our Cardamom Rose Petal, Balsamic Pink Peppercorn, or Basil-Absinthe truffles. Or better yet, stop in for our Wine and Truffle Happy Hour and have one of those truffles on the house! When's that?, I hear you all ask? Join us Monday-Friday from 4-7pm when every wine and beer purchase is accompanied with a complimentary truffle!

We will also be featuring this Champagne Cocktail as the newest addition to our Prix Fixe Dinner menus. And if for some reason you live under a rock and haven't a clue what that is, check it: our Valentine's Day Sweetheart Dinner.

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