Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Seasonal Truffles Part II

We're having our next Wine and Truffle Tasting Event tonight and I've got another brand new truffle to share with our guests. Pomegranate Sage is an infusion that I first came up with in fall of 2006, but as it only makes a brief appearance this time each year, it always seems fresh and exciting to me!

Beginning with a canvas of 61% dark chocolate ganache, I add a reduced pomegranate syrup to the infusion for an intense acidity that isn't typically found in my collection. On the palate it comes across as a berry-like familiarity that most people first associate with dark cherry. The finished ganache is then enrobed in more 61% dark chocolate and topped with organic sage powder. We're serving tonight at the tasting event with our Coppola Merlot which as a characteristic wine of that type is rich in dark cherry notes. The finish of sage is a slight accent that is heightened with the addition of the Merlot.

If you're missing the event tonight, this is a series that we are hoping to host every first and third Wednesday of the month. That makes the next event November 19th! usually these will be $20 for four truffles paired with four wines, but the next event will be with cheeses from Venissimo (our artisanal neighbor in Mission Hills) so it will be $25. As always, we take reservations since our space fills up quickly. Email if interested,

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