Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hickory-Smoked Maple

I reorganized my truffle case this week, effectifely doubling the space I have to display truffles. Now I just have to follow-up on the second have of my personal promise and fill that space with twice the truffles I normally have. As we get closer to the winter holidays, expect more and more exciting infusions... especially now that I can display 16 at a time!

So today I am debuting a new flavor over which I've been pondering for years. Since Eclipse began (way back in 2004) I've always wanted to do a maple truffle. I really only tried a few different concoctions before shelving the idea to what is that mental filling cabinet that holds all the other maybe someday flavor profiles.
But at this past dinner we served a chile-infused maple syrup and I made FAR too much. For what else does an exotic chocolatier use Chile-Maple Syrup? Well this one crystalized in into maple candy and popped in onto the top of a truffle.

But as I'm sure you all know, a single flavor note isn't nearly enough for me! I mean, maple candy is nice and all, but all truffles deserve a contrast. In this one, I opted to infuse the ganache with a hint of smoked hickory. The finished aroma is reminiscient of an old-fashioned Southern Bar-B-Que.

These babies are available for a limited time:

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wtsrudi said...

looks delicious.... I hope to sample this treat sometime soon....