Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eclipse Chocolat- Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!

Well Summertime is officially in full-swing, and thus bathing season is upon us. Unfortunately for me, that means less and less chocolate rushing out the doors these days. And without any choco-holidays before us until the Fall, we are spending our development time catching up on securing a proper foundation for the next season.

A charming foodie couple wandered into the cafe a few weeks ago and both were quite enthusiastic over my retail chocolate line. Since they live in the Bay Area, it was very flattering when they started dropping names and locations of places they would like to see EC in their own neighborhood. They even followed up with a lengthy email of all SF places foodie (thanks John and Jennifer!).

So I sez to myself... I sez: I wonder how many other choco-friends out there are reading my blog and aren't anywhere near Sunny SD? Wouldn't it be fun to establish a space with which fans may suggest their favorite culinary haunts who should be featuring the EC line?

We're expecting a new website upgrade soon which should contain such an email link, but until then drop us a comment on this post or via email: info@eclipsechocolat.com and we will do the work. In the next few weeks, you may discover a Sea-salt Nib or Gingerbread Crumb bar inhabiting your favorite gift shop or artisan food venue!

Photo courtesy of Visual Lovin Spoonful and the very talented merchandising prowess of Sean Cameron Barnes.

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