Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Foodish Art: Art Opening and Silent Auction

ECLIPSE CHOCOLAT hosts local San Diego artists for an exclusive TWO HOUR foodie-art event! Admission is FREE!

Why can't I seem to to make an announcement about an event on a Sunday without that strange car-demolition and/or monster truck rally voice starting in my head? Come on, you all know what I'm talking about! Or is that a Midwest thing?

Regardless of the voices in my head and what they are telling me, we are hosting an art opening and silent auction in two weeks of food-related art. 27 San Diego artists were invited to create "Foodish" art and donate their works for an auction. 100% of the proceeds will benefit an upcoming local youth photo art project organized by the San Diego Sugar Museum.

Foodish Art
Reception and Silent Auction:
Sunday June 8th, 4-6pm, Eclipse Chocolat

Guests to enjoy friends, art and food (we will be sampling lots of chocolate, including our Chile-Burnt Caramel and Artisan Cheese Skewers!).

FYI- Artwork will actually be on display beginning Saturday morning, if you can't make it on Sunday.

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