Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Crème Fraîche Cupcakes- Part Neuf

I came in on Sunday to do my Monday baking so I could enjoy a chocolate-free Memorial Day. Shockingly, Saturday evening was pretty busy around here. By the time I had called to check in on the evening barista, she said that we were completely out of all brownies AND cupcakes. That's a first, folk. Thanks for the business! For those of you interested in a slower weekend day at the cafe, try Sundays.

So after an oddly-paced holiday weekend, I'm back to the cocoa-grindstone (techincally the conch-stone for those of you who are initiated in the ways of chocolate refining). Continuing my exploration in all things cupcake, we're on with two more flavors today. That makes 18 Crème Fraîche Cupcakes so far! Crazy, no? Even I don't know how many more cupcakes will be debuted (24? 28? 36?), though I have decided to take a poll here on the blog to see which you're all most interested in and then pair back to the most popular 18. I guess that makes some of these limited edition. Better try them all now! Here are my new offerings today:

Muscavado Caramel-Dark chocolate-crème fraîche cake+smoky caramel filling+dark chocolate ganache glaze+dark muscavado sugar.

Blood Orange Apricot-Dark chocolate-crème fraîche cake+dark chocolate-blood orange olive oil filling+dark chocolate ganache glaze+dried apricot.

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Debbie said...

You have the best cupcakes I've ever had in my life. I had the lavender vanilla bean and salty peanut one as well. My mouth is watering over the new ones you've got. I can't wait to make another stop, coming all the way from Thousand Oaks. :)

I did a review on my site "The Taste Of Something Sweet." 5 Stars :)