Sunday, May 25, 2008

Espresso Walnut

Still recovering from Mom's Day! Can you believe it? We were out of a lot around here, and I've been making chocolate bars all week. And for all you guys who are jonesing for my Sea-salt Nib Bar, I swear I ordered new labels! We've been out for a month because I had to place a new printing order specifically for that bar. Who knew it was so much more popular than the others? We should be back with those in about a week. Until then, try the others... like this one:

So it's back to basics... and this is as basic as Eclipse gets. One of my first bars ever, Espresso Walnut, is pretty straight-forward and direct in flavor. Studded with toasted walnut pieces and espresso beans (locally roasted from Cafe Calabria), this 61% dark chocolate bar has got some crunch! Each bite is a little different as the texture fluxuates from dark chocolate to espresso to toasty walnut notes.

Our bars are $6 each, or three for $15. Stop in and try a few out!

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