Friday, December 7, 2007

Tarragon-Candied Grapefruit

The gift-giving season is upon us, and although the cafe is only five weeks old, I am feeling the creativity bug once again! Just in time for those stocking stuffers, here is another brand new Eclipse product: Tarragon-Candied Grapefruit (don't I have better things to do with my time than experiment with new items?)!

Alright, so its not exactly new; I've made it a few times for people in the chocolatier classes I teach at the Prado and Williams-Sonoma, but its certainly new for my retail clients. So now you at home can enjoy them, too. Who wants to bother going to a chocolate-making class anyway... lets just skip right to the eating part.
I don't normally post in-process photos, but these are so pretty before they are enrobed, so take a look:

Its quite a long production process actually (two days to be exact). First, the grapefruit skins are peeled and sliced, piths removed, and then soaked overnight in water. The next day they are boiled in multiple water changes to remove any bitter flavors, and then slowly boiled in a sugar syrup until tender. Then they are packed with a house-made tarragon sugar (the green stuff!) and enrobed in 60% dark chocolate. Last, they are garnished with more sugar, mostly because I can never leave good-enough alone, and they are prettier that way, and because I said so because I'm the chocolatier. Since when is over-the-top a bad thing with desserts?
If you're a fan of the Orange Peel Anise bar, or of citrus and grapefruit in general, then this one is a must have!

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Charlie - hope & spray said...

Hey Will! This one looks like it might be vegan!? Is it??