Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Exotic Salted Caramels Are Back!

Salty. Smoky. Exotic.

Just a few words that describe one of my personal all-time favorites: Exotic Salted Caramels. Ok, ok... pretty much anything topped with an artisan sea-salt would make it into the category of "all-time favorites", but this one is also really pretty!

Topped with six different sea-salt varietals, these dark and milk chocolate-covered creme fraiche caramels really hit the salty spot. The garnish on the caramel in the foreground gets it's bright red color from an infusion of saffron, but these treats also feature salts infused with ginger, chile, and smoked Chardonnay, as well as the Maldon and lavender-herbed salts of which I am so fond.

There are eight to a pack, four milk and four dark. A perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer, these little gems are only available at the cafe.

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