Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day with Eclipse!

It wasn't until yesterday that I actually realized that Monday is Memorial Day already. Where does the time go? I suppose those of us who don't get the holiday off didn't really have reason to mark our calendar's with a big red circle labeled "no work Monday!!!". Oh well...

But for those of you lucky enough to take a moment to celebrate our national heritage and the brave individuals who have given thier lives for the noble cause of this American Life, find a moment in your day to stop by for a tasty treat. Chocolate's pretty American, no? And cherry pie? How's that sound? Well as I don't bake cherry pies, you'll just have to settle on a Cherry-Vanilla Bean truffle.

While supplies last, take a break from the rest of your inevitable shopping errands during this upcoming holiday and visit us for a free cherry truffle. We're open just like normal, from 9am-10pm!

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