Saturday, December 27, 2008

Upcoming Chocolate Tasting Dinners

So somewhere in the past six months between buying my new Iphone, MobileMe, MacBook, and Adobe Creative Suite 4, I managed to convince myself that all I really need to stay organized and on top of my professional agendas is a collection of full-integrated tech toys. Did I say toys? Yeah... I pretty sure thats what they are. Yet, no amount of e-gadgets can seem to keep me on task with professional emails and blog posts. Oh well... at least my office looks pretty!

So it's been two weeks since my last post! Ouch! Well, all of the December holidays have passed and I can finally return to business as usual and catch up on all of the regular things that are supposed to happen on a daily basis here. But alas, it's only 45 days until Vday! Better blog while I can...

If you missed it, many a chocophile enjoyed our Creole Christmas dinner earlier this month, which happens to have been our last Five Course Chocolate Tasting Dinner. These dinners of ours are pretty big to-do for the cafe, and this past line-up was no exception. With five courses to plan and serve, I always thought that $40 a person was a great rate, but as everyone seems to be tightening their belts these days, I want to offer something a little less expensive.

"No dinners?" I hear each of you gasp! Don't fret, we haven't discontinued the series, just mixed it up a bit. With the expection of our next event: Parisian Sweetheart Dinner for Valentine's Day, all future dinners will be 3-course for only $25 a guest. Same essential details as all of the previous dinners, but with just $25 a person, we hope that more people can find the opportunity to indulge!

So what about Vday? Well since it is the high-holiday of all chocolate high-holidays, we have decided on a 4-course line-up with a live violinist for just $65 a couple. We will announce the menu in the next few days, so stay tuned. And as Vday falls on a Saturday this year, we have opted to do three seatings for Vday, and two more the day before on Friday night. Even with five seatings, we expect to sell out quickly so don't wait to contact us for reservations. Last year we did five seatings and sold out before the end of January! Don't miss out!

Until then... take a look at the pics from the last dinner:

Starter: Fried Shrimp Cakes with Capers and Remoulade Sauce

Course One: Crispy Plantains with Smoked Sernano Sea-salt and Chile-burnt Caramel Peanut Sauce

Course Two: Dirty Rice with Mixed Peppers and Cocoa-Bacon Jus.

Course Three: Smoked Tomato-Crawfish Bisque with White Chocolate-Olive Oil Crostini.

Course Four: Jambalaya with Smoked Beef-Cocoa Nib Sausage and Barley.

Course Five: Cinnamon-Sugar Beignets with Milk Chocolate-Caramel-Chicory Sauce.

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Tyler said...

The move to $25 dinner is AWESOME! 3 courses is the perfect amount and I totally dig the new more manageable price.