Monday, December 1, 2008

Exotic Drinking Chocolates

Even with yesterday's strange San Diego heat wave (it must have been 80 midday!), we are in full Exotic Drinking Chocolate production mode here at the cafe. Thankfully the weather seems to be finally cooling down, at least enough to enjoy a warm cup of cocoa-bliss. We even purchased a new piece of equipment to assist in making large batches of our mixes. While it doesn't seem too scary, it is officially my first piece of "machinery" mostly because it comes equipped with an emergency stop plunger. A plunger, I tell you! As if the rotating square rod that shaves the infused chocolate blocks into easily melted ribbons is going to scrape someone into oblivion. Though as I type this, I can imagine it giving me a bad rug-burn... so who's to complain about safety measures. The point of all of this is that I feel as though I have graduated to full chocolatier-adulthood with my first piece of equipment that look like actual machinery! But for those of you who find all of this industry chatter boring... no fret, sugar-babies, here's your yum yums...

Made from all premium couveture chocolate, Eclipse Exotic Drinking Chocolate Tins are here! These are the same mixes that we make all of our in-house Drinking Chocolates and Mochas at the counter, and now you can enjoy them in your own home. All you need to do is whisk our signature infusions into warmed milk. Each$8 tin comes with 5oz of shaved chocolate, enough to make three cups. Or try our Tasting Trio for just $20, which showcases all three flavors: Orange Peel Vanilla Bean (31% white), Chile-Burnt Caramel (38% milk), and Rosemary Mint (72% dark). Check it:


Roger said...

Heeey. I gotta pick up a set of these when I somehow find the time to drive down to El Cajon!

I'm already droolin' over the (ya you guessed it) Chile-Burn Caramel.

Anonymous said...

Yum yums. Heh. That wiil never stop being funny.